You Can Change The World! by: Gina la Morte:

YOU. Yes, you, have everything inside of you to change the world. That world can be 7 billion people or that world can be 1 person. Sometimes the impact we have on one single individual is what literally does change the world or the world of somebody else! So when you think about your calling, your dreams, your purpose, sometimes all that awesomeness God put inside of you is to help make a difference in someone else’s world! Your dreams are designed to make a change. Make the world a prettier place, only in the way YOU were designed to do it! Isn’t that an exciting thought? So don’t look at your dreams as just simply selfish desires that you are striving for. Realize that your dreams, someway & somehow have the power to impact the world and truly make a difference! Follow your dreams, they lead to your destiny! (‪#‎myownrepost‬!) ‪#‎dreams‬‪#‎designingyourdream‬ ‪#‎book‬ ‪#‎worldchanger‬ ‪#‎you‬ ‪#‎change‬ ‪#‎difference‬‪#‎destiny‬ ‪#‎bohodreamacademy‬

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