The Game of Life

The Game of Life


Adam Glasgow


I have come to the conclusion that life is a game, an emotional, physical, and mental tug of war

A game you only get one chance to play. You can choose to play the game in many different ways. See, the game goes on, even if you want to play or not. That’s what most people fail to realize. See, if you just ride the bench the game passes quickly and you are just a speed bump in the road of life, a blur, non-entity.

A wisp of wind that never touched anything or anyone, that never made a leaf fall, or never made any waves. It’s like you were never seen, you were just a passing breeze.


Maybe you tickled the back of someone’s neck at some point, but you certainly never lived, really lived, loved, hurt, cried, laughed, hated and most of all tried. Do you want to look back on your life and be known as a hurricane or a light wind in the night? Tell me!!

It’s not about being noticed, but it’s about being alive, living for the moment, appreciating the pain, anticipating the love and harboring the courage to step up to the plate every day, every minute and every second. I can tell you that you will strike out often, you are going to have bad games but you must cherish the pain and compare it to the big scope of things, the big picture, it will make you appreciate the good games even more.

The great experiences, your first love, your girlfriend’s eyes, babies’ feet. All the little stuff we take for granted, all God’s little gifts. Little things, everything has meaning!! Enjoy everything!!! Enjoy your game!!

Notice an extra freckle in someone’s eye. Notice how a flower turns toward the sun, notice the smell of the grass!! Notice everything, and hate it or love it. Just notice it and notice it with passion.


I challenge you to be passionate every day. Be passionately in love with God, your wife, your girlfriend, something, someone. Live!!! Play the game with all you have!!! Don’t let anyone or anything put you on the bench!!

See, it’s all a game and you have the choice to play hard, passionately and by the rules or sit on the bench and watch. Remember, at the end it’s doesn’t matter if you win or lose but how you played the game.

What do you want??? Do you want to come to play? I challenge you to get in the game today!!!!!


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